Let us help you find the job of your dreams

To have got this far, you are probably quite interested in working in the sunshine for 350 days a year or more, but in view of what I have said on other pages, we really need you to consider if you are ready to move overseas, and have thought it through.

Since I moved to Dubai you would be amazed how many people have asked me to find them a job - attracted by the five star image, the sun, and the myth of incredible salaries - more of that later. Many have been out to one of the countries on holiday, and after 'living the lifestyle' want to do that all year round, and go home determined to find a role for themselves.

Many send CVs direct to Dealers or Manufacturers out here, and then become disappointed when weeks, and then months go by without any response. They become dis-heartened and the dream goes away until the next holiday!

But they shouldn't be too hard on themselves. Dubai International handled over 34 Million passengers through its doors this year, and one motor dealer I know receives an average of 15 unsolicited CVs a month from people who have visited - but the problem is they are now in their home country and an unknown quantity.

The reality of working in a country is different to being on holiday - you do have to work every day for starters! And that is why I have included the pages about the Middle East. The hours can be very long, and the cost of living can be dramatically higher than many thought.  

There is far more to the Region than just Dubai. It may have the most well known image and be the most cosmoplitan city, but there is much to be found in the other countries within the Region that may offer a better fit with your requirements.

There are opportunities across the whole area, and it is worth spending some time broadening your horizons before you settle on your final country(s) of interest. So by clicking next at the bottom of the page you can start your research.

You will find one page dedicated to each country or Region with a brief overview of that country, followed by a brief outline of the motor trade in that country, and finally some useful links.

Please spend some time looking through these as there may be some surprises in there. But they will also help you decide where you would like to work, and I need that completing on the registration form.