Let us help you find the job of your dreams

What happens now?

Thank you for taking the time to register and send your CV and photo.

We will review each and every one, and then send you an e-mail to arrange a suitable date and time for a telephone screening interview.

This is simply for us to get a better idea about you; your experience; and the skills and qualities you have to offer. It will also be a chance for you to ask any questions that you might have.

Then it is simply time to wait - that's probably not what you want to hear, but as we match people to jobs, the jobs need to be there to match you to. This can take time.

Naturally there is an ongoing turnover of staff, but bringing staff from abroad is expensive, and so will only apply in key roles at certain times.

If we shortlist you for a role, we will tell you. We will also tell you what will happen at that time. There are a range of interview options available -

  • Our client may be approaching you direct and arranging their own interview - usually telephone first.
  • They may have asked us to interview against specific criteria and we will carry out a telephone or internet interview.
  • We may be tasked with interviewing face to face in the UK on behalf of our client. In that case a venue will be booked and you will be invited to attend.
  • Face to face interviews by Motor Trade Jobs Middle East will always be recorded by a discrete HD camcorder.
  • You my be asked to prepare a short presentation for any inteview, but we will give you ample notice so you can prepare fully.

It is in our interests to present every candidate in the best possible way to our clients. Our reputation comes from the quality of staff we provide and the work they subsequently do with our clients.

If you have any questions at any stage before and interview, then you will have a contact number for us, and please use it - we want you to be successful.