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17/10/09 New web site coming soon -

As we have changed our business model after the downturn we are also going to dramatically change our web site to become more of a jobs board. This will make the experience better for you as our candidates and also for our clients.

The software has been purchased and is in testing at the moment, so we should go live during November.

Please revisit the site to see all the additional facilities you can use - it will be worth it!

Global Credit Crunch -

The Middle East may well be thought to be flush with cash - but it has still been hit by the Global crunch. Dealers over here who have been used to a market that grows and grows have suddenly found it's all changed. There are rumors galore about the market but the reality is life is hard out here.

Markets have seen drops of up to 60% in retail sales for certain models as the lack of liquidity makes getting loans of any kind difficult.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel - well probably yes, as the smart dealers are looking to find people with real experience and not just get someone who wants to come over for the lifestyle.

If you can prove that you have grown business in the harder times seen in Europe in the past, then please get in touch as there are opportunities for those with real talent. See our current vacancies and apply quickly if you have the right skills and experience.