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In this section I have tried to answer most of the questions that I believe you may ask, but if it isn't covered here, then please e-mail me direct to questions@motorjobs-me.com and I will answer any questions I can and post them on this page with the others.

Q. Why do you only deal with sales and senior management positions?

A. The reality is that in the Service, Parts and Bodyshop areas most dealers will look to recruit staff from the Indian Sub Continent, or from South East Asia. These workers can be employed at dramatically lower salaries than their European counterparts.

I believe that the dealers will start to realise the benefit of highly qualified and well rewarded staff across the business, but that is some time away. It does contribute to a lack of urgency in the service area as the labour hours are so cheap that efficiency is overlooked.

Q. Why don't you just advertise your jobs like everyone else?

A. As outlined in previous pages, when you advertise a job in the Middle East, the number of CVs received is quite astonishing. There will be those that are qualified, and those that do not meet any criteria but simply 'chance their arm' by sending one in. This makes the process very slow and frankly uneconomical. It also means that whenever you advertise, you only get the people who are looking at that time.

That can lead to the scenario where the job looks attractive because of something that has just happened at work, the CV goes in, the interview takes place, and a job is offered - and then the reality sets in....

We prefer to put the onus back on you as a candidate to make a conscious decision to put your details forward. There is a lot of information here, and links to the best sites for impartial information on the individual countries.

Q. Is it easy to move to the Middle East?

A. Yes and no! Technically it is very easy, subject to visas. You can jump on any number of flights from the UK and be here within 7 hours. There are excellent removal companies who can handle your belongings from the UK or Europe to your destination quickly and efficiently.

However, the reality is a huge wrench for families. You may wish to consider arriving on your own, as you will no doubt have time in a hotel while you find suitable accomodation - unless provided by your employer.

Even if you family comes with you, the initial pressure can put significant strain on the best relationships, and this is another reason why you need to consider a move very carefully.

You can get your children into schools, but there is the issue of upheaval for them to consider as well. So I cannot give you a simple answer.

Q. What are the salaries really like?

A. Jobs in the Middle East used to be considered a 'hardship' posting in years gone by. The countries didn't have the infrastructure you would be used to and services were sometimes lacking. Employers had to pay well to reward their staff.

Today, the region represents one of the fastest growing areas in the world, with cutting edge technology being used to develop outstanding buildings. The Sovereign Wealth funds have amazing amounts of liquidity due to oil revenues, and people are queueing to get here.

Like any market, demand and supply control the salaries, and as supply grows the salary levels have reduced.

The good news is they are still way ahead of any European country because of the tax free status. A good sales executive can easily earn £48,000 tax free in Dubai for example. But that is tax free.....

Good staff can always command good remuneration, ans this is another reason why we only deal with pre-qualified candidates from the our process.

Q. What other benefits should I expect?

A. Benefits can vary from country to country but will essentially all offer -

  • Housing provided, or a housing/accomodation allowance
  • Private medical care for you and your family
  • A transport allowance or sometimes a company car
  • Return flights once a year for you and your family

School fees are not always covered, so depending upon your family circumstances this could be a very important benefit.

Q. What about pensions?

A. Pensions are not a standard provision in the Region. In many countries the law stipulates an end of service 'gratuity' is paid and this varies depending upon your length of service.

Q. Can my girlfirend/boyfriend come with me as my partner?

A. This is much more difficult. As you will be working in a Muslim country living together outside of marriage is frowned upon and in many countries illegal. Most employers will help you to by including your partner as part of your 'family' when considering flights etc., but there are issues with visas etc. For example, you cannot sponsor them under your visa, and it is illegal for a company to create a 'ghost' job to provide them with a visa.

They will probably be able to arrange their own visa by getting a job when here - but may need to look at other career choices to broaden their horizon.

We can discuss this in detail with anyone, or answer any specific questions through the contact section.

Q. Is it easy for my partner to get work?

A. There are hundreds of jobs available in every country, but there are also thousands of people chasing them! If your wife or husband accompanies you and is on your sponsorship, then employment becomes relatively easy. It is essential to broaden your choices by looking at what skills you have, and also be realistic about potential earnings, as any second income will be tax free too.

Q. What is the standard of the schools?

A. The schools are excellent and provide a good standard of education to a british or american curriculum. However, they can also be very expensive, and there is little option but to pay for schooling.

Q Is my income really tax free?

A. As a resident in any Middle East country you are bound by the taxation rules in place in that country, and of course there is no income tax at present.

There is no restriction on repatriation of funds to your home country at present, and they will not be taxed subject to regulations in place by your government at the moment.

I would always encourage you to seek independent advice for taxation issues - particularly if you are going to retain your home and rent it out.

Advice can vary from tax officer to tax officer, but in the UK the current ruling is that all income earned in the Middle East is free of tax so long as you remain outside the UK as a resident for one full tax year - this can be open to interpretation, so again please take advice.

Q. Is it safe to live in the Middle East?

A. Despite the world focus on terrorism, and the Middle East being portrayed as the centre of much activity, it is an extremely safe place to live and bring up a family. Crime does exist, but violent crime is an extreme rarity unlike the UK where every day brings another headline.